Atletico Madrid beat Cadiz 2-1, overtake Barca in 3rd place.

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Atletico Madrid moved up to third temporarily after beat Cadiz 2-1 in La Liga on Friday. Atletico Madrid, who want to keep the top four, send Joao Felix to face Antoine Griezmann. While the visiting football team, Cadiz, is led by Alvaro. Negredo, the veteran spearhead

The game started in just 2 minutes. Atlético Madrid took the lead quickly from the moment that. Heremeres Ledesma opened the ball and missed it by Joao Felix before luring a narrow angled target with no remains Atleti led 1-0.

In the 26th minute, Atlético Madrid have another chance to win. Rodrygo de Paul passes the ball to Yannick Carrasco to hit the right in front of the penalty area. But the ball jumped over the crossbar. 

In the last minute of the first half, Cádiz equalized 1-1 when Alphonso Espino threw the ball from the left into the penalty area for Alvaro Negredo to strike through Jan Oblak’s hand. UFABET The first 45 minutes ended 1-1.

  In the second half of the 52nd minute, the hosts had a chance when Rodrygo de Paul passed the ball to Hector Herrera to fire from the right. The ball went into the box but not good enough to pass the hand of Heremis Ledesma.

Atletico Madrid led again.

Until in the 68th minute, Luis Suarez, who came on as a substitute for Griezmann, got 6 minutes, touched the ball backwards for Angel Gorea to fire the first stroke to save Rodrygo de Paul. Repeated running 14 yards to pass the ball into the goal is 2-1.

Cádiz nearly equalized in the 74th minute, Jan Oblak flicked the ball in the direction of Luis Hernandez, who fired in the box, but Jose Maria Chimenez was in charge. The last line can be tackled like a red pill cut eight.

The visiting team did not give up on fighting again in the 82nd minute and ended with a shot from far in front of Negredo’s penalty area, but the ball was close to the crossbar.

At the end of the game in the 88th minute. The Atletico were left with 10 men when Javier Serrano, a young reserve star, hit the ball hard, causing a red card to be sent off. Then the game ended. Atlético Madrid beat Cadiz 2-1, collecting 51 points, overtaking Bar. Selona is temporarily up to 3