Roma are looking to sign Florian Grillitch

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Roma are looking to negotiate a deal to sign Florian Grillitch from Hoffenheim.

As reported by UFABET Sport, the Wolves of Rome have aimed to grab the 26-year-old midfielder to dominate the winter market to strengthen. Although the player is about to expire at the end of the season. But Jose Mourinho does not want to wait until then.

The club’s owners have entrusted Thiago Pinto, with sporting director Giallo Rossi awaiting Hoffenheim’s response.

For Roma ready to make an offer to the team from Germany to consider. But now we have to wait and see how the other party is going. Especially if the players are interested in moving to Italy or not.

It’s no secret that Roma needs a defensive midfielder the way peanut butter needs jelly, peas need carrots, and Garfield needs lasagna. After swinging and missing in their pursuit of Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka over the summer. Roma has been connected to an increasingly long list of defensive midfielders. Including Borussia Monchengladbach’s Denis Zakaria, who has emerged as the top candidate for many midfield-needy clubs, Roma included.

However, with Zakaria’s star on the rise, Roma and GM Tiago Pinto may be forced to pivot to other options. While he’s not the player they originally had their hearts set on. Hoffenheim defensive midfielder and Austrian international Florian Grillitsch is reportedly the next name on José Mourinho’s wishlist.