Benefits of mineral water.

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Specific minerals and organic compounds in each type of natural mineral water may have health benefits, including:

Promotes bone health

Calcium is considered an important mineral that helps strengthen and maintain strong bones. Calcium mineral water or mineral water with a calcium content of more than 150 mg/liter. Therefore, it is beneficial to people who need calcium in large quantities. UFABET For use in the working process of the bone system such as children, pregnant women, and menopausal women. and the elderly. Additionally, containing bicarbonate and magnesium may also be effective in this regard.

Increase physical fitness while exercising

Sodium carbonate is said to be beneficial for people who alternate short periods of intense exercise with light exercise. Including cycling, running, swimming, or team sports. The results will be seen near the end of the competition or near the end of the exercise time. Bicarbonate also helps increase water and mineral intake after exercise. Drinking 500-700 ml before starting to play sports may reduce the chance of developing acidosis. But the benefits in this area need to be studied further.

Reduce blood pressure levels

In addition to promoting bone health Calcium and magnesium also affect blood pressure levels. There are some studies that indicate that. Drinking water with high amounts of calcium and magnesium may help reduce blood pressure levels in patients. High blood pressure clearly. But many studies have produced unclear results. Therefore, further studies of mineral water and its antihypertensive properties are needed in the future.