Coconut oil.

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Coconut oil Another diet that has been said to be useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease. The origin of this belief is from an experiment on a medical diet that causes keystones in the body. It was found that volunteers who ate did better on the memory test. It is thought that this substance may improve brain function as the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients lose their ability to use glucose for energy. And because coconut oil is rich in caprylic acid. A medium-chain triglyceride fatty acid that breaks down into ketones when entering the body. It was therefore inferred that it could help treat Alzheimer’s as well. At an affordable price and easier to find UFABET

However, these conclusions cannot be use to confirm that will help prevent or slow down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. And there are currently no scientific trials showing the use of coconut oil in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. There are only a handful of reports claiming that adding to the diet of people with Alzheimer’s disease improves their symptoms. Such as a case study of a woman doctor adding coconut oil to her husband’s Alzheimer’s diet. That the condition improved and was able to draw the clock more accurately than before. This is consider an independent trial that is not reliable enough.